Elementary Typing Contests

The 1st annual typing contest for Temple ISD elementary schools. The technology department challenges every 2 - 5 homeroom class to improve their typing skills. The contest will consist of 4 skill building mini-contests each lasting one week.

Mini-contest 1: October 23 - 27 (Challenge is minutes on the program)

Mini-contest 2: December 11 - 15 (Challenge is minutes on the program)

Mini-contest 3: February 19 - 23 (Challenge is words per minute)

Mini-contest 4: April 23 - 27 (Challenge is % accuracy)

Scores will only be counted for the dates of each challenge.

Congratulation to the winners of Contest 1 - Minutes on Program

2nd/3rd Grade division winner:

Robin Lewis homeroom

(Western Hills Elementary School)

4th / 5th Grade division winner:

Sarah Thomas homeroom

(Western Hills Elementary School)