Google Drive
Google Drive, sometimes called "My Drive", is like your backpack.   Except instead of holding books, pencils, and paper, Google Drive holds your documents, pictures, slideshows, and PDF's.  

Logging in to My Drive:
  • If you are on a Chromebook, just click on the Drive icon on the shelf.
  • login:
  • password: your computer password
Parts of Google Drive
My Drive:  all of your files will be stored in My Drive.  You can organize your files into folders here.
Shared with me: Other Google users can share files with you.  You will see those files in "Shared with me".  You can work together on the file or make a copy of the file.  If you delete the file, the owner of the file (that shared it with you) will still have it. 

Folders in the Google Drive

Recent: click on "Recent' to find files that you have recently been working on.
Google Photos:  Google photos is a quick way to organize any photos that you take with a phone, tablet, or Chromebook.  Your photos will automatically will be added to "Google Photo".
Starred: You can add a star to files or folders that you use all the time.  Click on "Starred" to see any files or folders you have starred.
Trash: anything you put in the trash will stay there until it is permanently deleted.  You can right-click on a file to restore it to you drive or delete it forever.